Centre for the Prevention of risky virtual communication (the Centre) focuses mainly on prevention of risk behaviours associated with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by children. It aims especially at cyber bullying, cyber grooming, cyber stalking, hoax and spam, sexting, methods of social engineering, the issue of sharing personal information through social networks and other hazardous communication techniques.

The Centre builds on the activities of the E-Bezpečí project (www.e-bezpeci.cz), which will continue to develop its activities as a central project of the Centre. The Centre implements the primary victim and situational prevention.

The Centre provides a complex system of continuous primary prevention at several levels:


A. Education
- Education for schools - series of preventive educational activities aimed at the above mentioned topics organized in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic.
- Lectures for the public.
- Lectures for students of pedagogic and non-pedagogic courses at PdF (+ selective seminars).
- Educational events for PIS (Police of the Czech Republic).
- Educational events for the social institutions and legal protection workers.
- Certified training under the Further Education of Pedagogical Workers (DVPP; PdF UP).

B. Preventive programs for school
- The comprehensive prevention programmes in the area of risk behaviour.
- Competitions for elementary and high school students focused on hazardous communication practices.

C. Intervention
- Online counselling cooperating with organizations specializing in the issue (BKB, Police, PP counselling, etc.), which participates in the direct solution of individual cases. The Centre provides 5layer counselling (primary, legal, psychological, socio-legal and police)
- In the area of intervention the Centre cooperates with specialized departments of Pedagogical Faculty of Palacký University (more here) and with other expert and intervention institutions from the entire country.

D. Research
- Local research programmes for schools - researches aimed at analyzing the existence of dangerous phenomena in a particular school (victims, aggressors, prevention, and intervention).
- Area-wide surveys in the Czech Republic (regions, provinces, entire Czech Republic).

All activities of the Centre further develop E-Bezpečí Partner Programme for schools in practice.  More than 60 schools from the entire country, who wish to pursue actively the issue of hazardous communication practices and integrate this system of prevention in their prevention plans, are involved in this programme. The purpose of the partnership program is a mutual sharing of experience, information on issues and creating and sharing educational materials.