kopeckydoc. Mgr. Kamil Kopecký, PhD

(associate professor, head of Centre)

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Palacký University Olomouc
Faculty of Education
Žižkovo nám. 5, Olomouc
77140 Czech Republic

Office: ZI 3.55 (3rd floor)
Laboratory: N32 (4th floor)



Kamil Kopecký, PhD, associate professor at Palacký University, head of Centre for the prevention of risky virtual communication Faculty of Education of Palacký University in Olomouc a head of Project E-Bezpeci. Dr. Kopecký focuses on prevention of hazardous behaviour associated with the use of information and communication technologies by children, especially cyber bullying, sextortion, cyber grooming, cyber stalking, hoax and spam, sexting, social engineering methods, the issue of sharing of personal information through social networks and other dangerous communication techniques. He also focuses on positive using of modern IT technologies by children and adults.

Projects: more than 50 (more than 50 projects in area of research, education, prevention and intervention)
Publications: more than 150 papers, books, chapters etc. (30 indexed in WoS, 250+ citations)

Honorable Recognition of the Rector of the UP for a scientific monograph 2016
European Crime Prevention 2015 (1st place in CZ)
European Crime Prevention 2015 (4st place in EU)
European Crime Prevention 2009 (3rd place in CZ)

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