The key activity of the Centre PRVoK is the realization of educational activities for different target groups, especially for pupils of primary and secondary school and university students, parents, teachers, police officers, psychologists and OSPOD staff. Educational activities are focused on issues related to dangers of using the Internet and mobile phones, particularly the risks of social networking, cyber bullying, cyber grooming, sexting and protection of personal data on the Internet. Educational activities were held throughout the Czech Republic

Key topics

Among crucial topics the project is dealing width there are:
- cyberbullying (various forms of bullying within on-line communication e.g. blackmail, threat, humiliation or ridiculing of victims),
- cybergrooming (communication with unknow internet users with the aim of tricking the victim into meeting the aggressor in person),
- cyberstalking and stalking,
- spam and hoax (unwanted, fraudulent, startling or differently dangerous messages),
- sexting (sharing of sexual content),
- personal data protection on the Internet,
- hazards of social networks (e.g. Facebook).


Our Centre does many activities focusing on prevention, education and research in area of hazardous behavior related to using of ICT, tries to increase awareness of hazardous communication issues wich are related to virtual communication which is why it offers a variety of educational events modified for different target groups:

  • discussions for primary and secondary school student,
  • lectures for university studenty,
  • lectures for teachers,
  • systematic education of teachers (certified),
  • lectures for PIC CR Police (policemen),
  • lectures for OSPOD workers,
  • discussions for parents,
  • discussions for public.


More than 150,000 primary and secondary school students - prevention program focuses on cyber bullying, sexting, cyber grooming, sexual offenders
More than 20,000 primary and secondary school teachers - educational program
More than 1500 PIS police officers from all  regions of the Czech Republic.
More than 500 criminality prevention managers.
More than 10,000 teacher training students.
More than 5500 causes of Internet crime in online counselling centre, 1000+ blocking of illegal content.