In recent years, our center began to focus also on positive forms of use of modern information and communication technology in education for children and adults. Modern communication technologies allow us especially effective way to motivate students and stimulate their interest in various disciplines of science. 

At the Faculty of Education of Palacký University in Olomouc, we have created a separate laboratory of of modern information and communication technologies called Digidoupě (Digiden), which is available to students, teachers and others interested in education with the support of digital technologies.

Laboratory Digidoupě has several objectives:

A. To improve the digital literacy among future teachers – students
(through teaching, own projects, innovation, research, etc.).
B. To improve the digital literacy among teachers
who, for example, seek to increase their qualification or are simply interested in this area.
C. To improve the digital literacy among undergraduate students
who want to set up their business in the future based on digital technology (start-up, technology-oriented company, etc.).
D. To increase children's interest in the meaningful use of technology
(for example, as part of thematic projects, content development, prototyping, etc.).
E. To design tools that can be used in teaching and in students' home preparation

Download brochure about our laboratory.