The Center for the Prevention of Risk Virtual Communication of the Pedagogical Faculty of the Palacký University for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the National Institute of Education prepared an updated version of the Legislative Document of the Methodical Recommendation on the Primary Prevention of Risk Behavior (in area of cyberbullying). The document is now complemented by a whole range of new information, for example on how to deal with risk situations on the school side, on the part of the victim of aggression and also on her parents. The sub-section also deals with the risk and protective factors associated with cyberbullying, its origin and development. We have supplemented the legislative framework (in line with the revised School Act), expanded the network of cooperating institutions, and also focused on the possibilities of solving kybešikany out of school (in cooperation with other institutions).

The innovated material is available on the Ministry of Education website (Czech only).