mini zenska

Risky Behaviour of Students of Faculty of Education of Palacký University Olomouc within the Internet Environment

The monograph Risky behaviour of students of Palacky University in the Internet environment is aimed at complex characteristics of different forms of risky behaviour of students, focusing on the phenomena which students encounter.

The monograph summarizes the results of research on cyberbullying, while monitoring its occurrence across the basic forms of cyberbullying. It also focuses on the area cybergrooming, it tracks communication methods and subsequent manipulation of students and it monitors the presence of invitations to personal meetings with unknown Internet users and students reactions to this stimulus.


The monograph also focuses on the phenomenon of sexting, its penetration into the population of students; it is also aimed at specific cases of sexting and the criminal level of this behaviour.

Other chapters focus on the social networks in relation to students, personal information that users of social networks share with other users, as well as students´ passwords they choose to access the Internet services. Independent part of the monograph is the analysis of passwords chosen by the students to access their accounts. Passwords are characterized with regard to the form, content and method of use.

The monograph also monitors selected world cases of risky behaviour in the Internet and also focuses on cases of cyberbullying of university teachers. The final part of the monograph is devoted to various possibilities of education and prevention in this area, the selected forms and methods which can support safer use of the Internet for this target group. 

You can download full vesion of book here.