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E-Bezpeci at the Trade show of science and research UP 2014

Exactly after a year, a team of the E-Bezpeci project in cooperation with students of the Faculty of Education, Palacky University in Olomouc, presented at the Trade show of science and research UP topics related to risky behaviour of children and adults on the Internet to both children and adult visitors.


The Trade show of science and research UP is the largest popularization of science and research activities in Moravia. Its aim is to introduce children and adults the results of science and research in a fun and informative form. The visitors to the tradeshow could try the things out, touch, test and experience them at the places of Faculty of Science UP and in the area of ​​Korunni fortress in Olomouc. The E-Bezpeci project could not miss this great popularizing event.

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The first fair day was particularly focused on pupils of regional primary and lower secondary schools; thousands of them arrived at the event. In the E-Bezpeci stall they could try to recognize fake profiles, identify Internet abusers in the Internet environment, recognition of actual and modified photos and videos on the Internet, so they could also get acquainted with different forms of cyberbullying, sexting; adults appreciated the important information about stalking a dangerous blackmail.

The other day was mostly aimed at adults - parents, which also arrived at the event in large numbers. They were particularly interested in topics related to the use and misuse of Facebook that their children begin to use in some cases even at 10 years of age.

During both days, Capt. Vlastimil Hruska, the police investigator from the information crime department, Regional Directorate of Police of the Olomouc Region, arrived at the E-Bezpeci stall, with which our team actively cooperates. To children and adults he presented cases of cyber crime, in which he participated, he also highlighted the problems associated with children extortion, students and adults on the Internet. The talk was also about Internet fraud, on which he focuses most in his practice.

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Visitors to the E-Bezpeci stall also got a DVD To go or not to go that we presented at the trade show last year and that many school are interested in. They also got our DVD Child in danger focusing on selected risky phenomena and their solutions that children can encounter within the school facility.

We also presented the activities of our partner companies Google and Seznam.cz, with which our team actively cooperates. We mainly talked about the preventive projects Webrangers (Google) and Meet safely! (Seznam.cz).

A photo of our team members, who were involved in a two-day running of our base. Many thanks to all for the support.

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(Top row from left to right: René Szotkowski, Pavla Střílková, Kamil Kopecký, Monika Klechová, Vojta Pavlík, Anežka Jakubcová.

Bottom row from left to right: Veronika Ševelová, Pavlína Bonková, Miriam Kludková, Zuzka Zdražilová, Iveta Komárková)

The trade show is behind us and we are looking forward to next year.