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Risky Behaviour of Students of Faculty of Education of Palacký University Olomouc within the Internet Environment

The monograph Risky behaviour of students of Palacky University in the Internet environment is aimed at complex characteristics of different forms of risky behaviour of students, focusing on the phenomena which students encounter.

The monograph summarizes the results of research on cyberbullying, while monitoring its occurrence across the basic forms of cyberbullying. It also focuses on the area cybergrooming, it tracks communication methods and subsequent manipulation of students and it monitors the presence of invitations to personal meetings with unknown Internet users and students reactions to this stimulus.

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Google, GEG and E-Bezpečí - together in a unique project Web Rangers

Project Web Rangers realized by Czech Google in cooperation with E-Bezpečí and EDU Google Group Czech Republic started workshops for primary and lower secondary school pupils from all over the country. It launched a unique project of education in safer behaviour on the Internet.

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E-Bezpečí Annual Report for year 2013

E-Bezpečí Annual Report for year 2013 is ready for download.


Fraudulent mobile payments

Fake friends´ requests for help regarding restoration of fictive blocked service present a new kind of fraud that can be recently found on internet, Facebook at the first place. However, instead of unblocking of the blocked account you allow the offender to confirm transaction at your mobile operator. And how the whole fraud works?

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When you say confession

Phenomenon of internet confessions set the waves of Czech internet in motion and let us taste freedom of anonymous expression. However, the freedom also brought bitter cruelty of offending, taunting and defamation of particular individuals – mainly teachers. Today´s article will give you a taste of inexhaustible number of cases that are regularly being sent to our advisory centre on the subject of Confessions.

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