latest extortion

Extortion of children progresses according to several schemes, it is necessary to learn to recognize them

Extortion of children on the Internet has become taboo matter to a certain extent. On the one hand, it is because of the nature of the materials that are used for extortion, on the other hand there is an effort to conceal the individual cases in order to do no harm to victims, conceal a particular problem, hush up the case and try to solve it on its own.

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latest cyberbullyinguniversity

Cyberbullying Focused on Teachers at Czech Universities

Cyber bullying is in today´s society perceived as a topic associated with pubescent and adolescent young people, only minimum of discussed cases are adults. Although cyber bullying of adults really exists, it is only little discussed and employers try to cover up these cases, in order not to discredit the institution where these cases take place.

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latest askfml

Cyberbullying aimed at teachers rages, its forms change

Forms of cyberbullying focused on teachers have undergone changes in recent years, cyberbullying is not only linked with social networks, blogs or common Internet services, but attackers have been increasingly starting to use simple services especially popular among the young generation, such as server services www.ask.fm.

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latest webcam

Frauds with fake webcams raging even in the Czech Republic

Very dangerous phenomenon, which we have seen in the last few months on Czech and international social networks and within common communication tools based on instant messengers (ICQ, Skype) are fake videos that are projected to chosen victims (children or adults) instead of real stream from a webcam. The risk of misuse of this technology is really high due to the low awareness. You can judge the way the records are believable.

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