Centre for the Prevention of risky virtual communications (Centre PRVoK) at Faculty of Education, Palacký University in Olomouc implements research focused on risky behaviour associated with the Internet and mobile phones.

Specifically, the research activities of the Centre monitored following dangerous phenomena:
• Cyberbullying (various forms of cyberbullying depending on the selected communication environments).
• Establishing of virtual contacts (communication with strangers and personal meetings with them; basis for cyber grooming).
• Sexting (in the form of public sharing of intimate materials on the Internet and in the form of providing intimate material on request of another person).
 Sharing of personal data on the Internet (with a focus on sharing photos of face).
• Risky using of social networks (especially Facebook, ASK.fm).
• Primary prevention of risky behaviour aimed on online environments.
• Media literacy, media education (disinformation, hoax, fake news).
• Internet frauds
• Other related phenomena.

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